Beautiful virgin mary our lady of Guadalupe religious garden statues for catholic church decor TCH-74

Beautiful virgin mary our lady of Guadalupe religious garden statues for catholic church decor TCH-74

This Virgen De Guadalupe statue uses high-grade natural marble and is hand-made by a professional engraver. The Trevi factory provides a variety of high-quality sculptures of the Virgin. Please contact us for more information.
Item Number: TCH-74
Keywords: Our lady of Guadalupe statue
Catholic outdoor statue for sale
Size: 180cm(71”) or customized size
Material: Natural marble, hand-carve, polished

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Details of Virgen De Guadalupe Statue:

This Virgen De Guadalupe statue is made of natural pure white marble. From facial expressions to details of clothes, they are all hand-carved. The designer of Trevi spends a lot of time and energy studying the image of the Virgin. They designed every detail of the Virgin very well. There is no doubt that the exquisite details and perfect carvings would leave a deep impression.

virgen de guadalup

High-Quality Raw Materials:

First of all, Trevi marble has high hardness, wear resistance, and is not easy to scratch. Therefore, it is an ideal material for the Virgen De Guadalupe statue. Secondly, natural marble has a fine internal structure and would not change under harsh weather conditions. In addition, natural marble has a good gloss. After being polished, the high-quality natural marble is crystal clear as jade. In addition, natural marble is a durable material that can be used for at least 30 years. This means that the high-quality marble Virgen De Guadalupe statue would become a valuable family treasure.

Our lady of guadalupe religious garden marble statues for catholic church decor

Why Choose Trevi?

1. Trevi factory has been engaged in the Catholic sculpture industry for 39 years and has rich experience in carving Virgen De Guadalupe statues.

2. The Trevi factory has a group of talented designers and skilled engravers. And they take every detail seriously and strictly.

virgin of guadalupe garden statue

3. Trevi has a professional quality control department to strictly control the selection of marble materials, and we always insist on choosing high-quality marble.

4. We have professional packing staff, who use soft foam and a 3mm thick professional wooden crate to protect the statue from damage during transportation.

virgen de guadalupe statue

More Catholic Statues:

There are a large number of Catholic statues on Trevi’s website, so we meet most of our customers’ needs. Trevi has Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Lourdes, Saints marble statues, and we also provide pulpits and altars.

Our lady of Guadalupe

There is no doubt that the Trevi factory provides customers with a variety of marble Virgen De Guadalupe statues. Please contact us immediately, Trevi consultants would provide suitable material selection according to the customer’s requirements and budget.