Holy Church Decor Saint Peter Chanel Statue for Sale

Holy Church Decor Saint Peter Chanel Statue for Sale

This St. Peter Chanel statue was carved by Trevi’s artists using Grade-A white marble. Our statues are all factory-direct, so we can provide you with high-quality statues but a lower factory price. All of our statues have quality insurance, you don’t worry about quality problems.
Item No: CHS-754
Material: Natural White Marble
Size: Life Size or Customized Size
Insurance: Cover All Risks
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
Advantages: Factory Direct; Door-to-Door Delivery

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Saint Peter Chanel Statue Description

St. Peter Chanel is recognized as the first martyr and patron saint of Oceania. When he was in school, he began to yearn to preach overseas. During the missionary process, he learned new languages from merchants and sailors. He helped educate the indigenous people, the effect was minimal, but he never tired of it. In the end, he was persecuted for educating the son of the local indigenous king.

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This sculpture perfectly depicts St Peter Chanel’s appearance. Our artists used high-quality marble material and superb carving techniques to handle every detail. He is wearing a missionary robe and his facial expression is soft but firm. The gesture of his right hand symbolizes Christ’s blessing and divine grace, and the axe in his left hand represents his way of martyrdom and the sacrifice he made for his faith.

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Profound Meaning of This Saint Peter Statue

This sculpture is mainly to commemorate St. Peter Chanel. He is one of the important saints of the Catholic Church and has an important position among believers for his missionary work and martyrdom. His martyrdom experience and his efforts to spread Christianity are examples of faith and courage for believers. The sculpture inspires believers to persist in their faith and face difficulties and challenges by showing his appearance. Placing this sculpture in places such as churches or religious schools, plays an educational role, allowing people to understand the life and deeds of St. Peter Chanel and learn his spirit and teachings.


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