Life-Size Catholic Marble Sacred Heart Of Jesus Statues for Sale CHS-769

Life-Size Catholic Marble Sacred Heart Of Jesus Statues for Sale CHS-769

Trevi Factory has a large number of Catholic artists, and they still maintain the habit of paying special respect to the Sacred Heart of Jesus every Friday. Does your parish need a Sacred Heart Of Jesus statue? You could contact Trevi Factory at any time.
Item Number: CHS-769
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Size: 180cm(71”) or customized size

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Sacred Heart Of Jesus Statues Details:

Sacred Heart of Jesus is a famous Christian salute. The heart of Jesus is exposed for the world to admire. This marble Sacred Heart Of Jesus statues carved heart is pure and flawless, burning with a raging flame. Moreover, crowns and scars are wrapped around the heart.

sacred heart of Jesus statues

The Influence of Sacred Heart Of Jesus:

Sacred Heart of Jesus expresses Jesus’ great love for the world, in order to call on the world to confess their sins and love each other. Jesus opened his chest and pointed at the sacred heart with a crown of thorns. And, he longs for people to be his apostles of the Sacred Heart so that the world could bear the grace of his Sacred Heart. Significantly, infinite love is shown by Jesus and the rich grace he bestowed. Let the faithful realize that Jesus repays love with love is the best way to atone for sins.

sacred heart of Jesus statues for sale

Trevi Factory Artist:

Trevi Factory artists have been deeply influenced by Catholicism since childhood. They respect and love Jesus very much, and put this respect and love into their work. They focus on one thing, specializing in the carving of Jesus’ sculptures. Indeed, they are very skilled in every process of carving. The most important artists participate in sculpture exhibitions in the United States every year and donate Sacred Heart Of Jesus statues to local churches.

the sacred heart of Jesus

Best Service Level:

Trevi Factory has been in the marble carving industry for nearly 40 years. Our carvings are shipped all over the world. Moreover, we all know that China’s export volume is the largest in the world. Trevi Factory is the most direct supplier of Sacred Heart Of Jesus statues. Therefore, there would be no such thing as a middleman making a difference. Our price is the most affordable, and the quality of the carvings is the highest. Trevi factory is responsible for every sculpture.

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More Catholic Marble Religious Statues:

Trevi Factory not only has the magnificent Sacred Heart Of Jesus but also other Saints sculptures, such as St. Anthony, St. Francis, and Saint Peter. Trevi Factory also has Virgin sculptures, such as Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Lourdes, and so on. So we could meet all your needs. Undoubtedly, we could provide many solutions for you to choose the type of sculpture you want.

prayer to the sacred heart of Jesus

This year’s Sacred Heart Festival may as well dedicate your family and individual to the Sacred Heart of Jesus again in your parish. Let the flames burn your selfishness and sin, and unite your heart with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. You could contact us at any time.