Life-Size Marble Outdoor Saint Francis Statue for Sale CHS-871

Life-Size Marble Outdoor Saint Francis Statue for Sale CHS-871

Have you ever seen such a kind and lifelike outdoor Saint Francis statue? If you want to buy a religious statue, we guarantee you would not regret buying such a statue at the YouFine factory.
Item Number: CHS-871
Size: 150cm(59”) or customized size
Material: Natural marble
Produce Time:7-35 days
Delivery time: 15-35 days
Packing: Wooden crate

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Introducing This Statue:

As we could see, this is a very benevolent outdoor saint Francis statue. Francis sat quietly on the stump with a kind and friendly expression on his face. Birds, wolves, squirrels, and other animals are all around him. This is because St. Francis is the patron saint of the natural environment, and he refers to animals as his brothers and sisters. Such a saint statue for garden that conveys warmth is ideal for the outdoors.


outdoor Saint Francis statue-YouFine Art Sculpture


Natural Marble:

We decided to use natural marble to make this outdoor St Francis statue. A-grade natural marble has strong hardness and density, and marble religious statues made of it could be placed outdoors for decades without damage. And some marbles come with beautiful veins. These veins are gifts of nature, and the marbles made of them are very beautiful. These advantages are incomparable with artificial marble.


natural material for Saint statue for garden-YouFine Art Sculpture


Other Types of Religious Statues:

We have specialized in making marble religious statues for decades. Our masters not only have high carving skills, but also have a deep understanding of religious figures. This is because they are both devout Catholics. Whether it is the marble statue of the Virgin, or the statue of Jesus, the altar, the pulpit, etc. are the statues they are very good at. Moreover, these religious statues in our factory have different shapes and are all very realistic images.


famous Catholic statues-YouFine Art Sculpture


Tight Packaging:

YouFine would pack famous catholic statues in tight packaging. First of all, we would wrap the statue with thick soft cotton to prevent scratches caused by shaking during transportation. Secondly, we would pack it in a special wooden crate, and we would add an iron frame to the outside of the wooden crate to reinforce it. Such tight packaging would allow your statue to arrive safely in your home.


packing of marble religious statues-YouFine Art Sculpture


YouFine treats every customer with great sincerity. So, if you are interested in this outdoor St. Francis statue, please do not hesitate to contact us