Marble Jesus Praying Statue Garden Church Decor for Sale CHS-770

Marble Jesus Praying Statue Garden Church Decor for Sale CHS-770

This pure natural marble Jesus Praying statue is the latest masterpiece of the Trevi factory. You could clearly see the lifelike expression of Jesus’ prayer. If you want this sculpture, you could contact us at any time.
Item Number: CHS-770
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Size: 180cm(71”) or customized size

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Jesus Praying Statue Detail:

The details of this Jesus Praying statue are vividly carved. Jesus’ expression is full of sadness and calmness. We could deeply understand the psychological feelings of Jesus before his arrest. Just like we are by Jesus’ side, accompany him to pray together.

Jesus Praying Statue

Jesus Praying in the Garden of Gethsemane:

Before his arrest, Jesus brought his disciples to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. Some people say that this is a very important moment. If it is said that Jesus took up the cross of the flesh after being arrested, here Jesus took the cross of the soul first. Jesus prayed in pain, and finally stood up firmly and faced the people who came to arrest him. Indeed, this Jesus Praying statue deeply expresses this event.

Jesus Praying in the Garden of Gethsemane

Why Customers Want Clay Model:

The predecessor of each sculpture has an exquisite clay model. Therefore, the artists in our factory are very good at engraving clay models. They learned to sculpt clay models from an early age and mastered all the techniques proficiently. Therefore, they could be called true top-masters. The clay models they carved are full of soul beauty. Many customers want to buy our exquisite Jesus Praying statue clay model.

Jesus sculpture

The Process of This Statue:

Trevi factory has been engaged in marble Catholic figures sculptures for 39 years. Our artists have learned this technique since childhood. They first choose high-quality marble raw materials. Secondly, they would cut, carve, and polish sculptures. Finally, the artist would use fine tools to trim the details. You would get a perfect Jesus Praying statue.

Jesus sculptures

Super Safe Packaging:

As an experienced large-scale marble sculpture export factory, we have mastered a set of rigorous packaging process plans. First, we would protect the sculpture with soft foam. Then, we choose a 3mm thick wooden crate to fix the sculpture. Finally, you would receive a sculpture without any damage.

Jesus praying in the garden statues

If you want more style of Catholic marble sculptures, we could satisfy you. You could contact us at any time. We would not let you down.