Marble Life-Size Jesus Statue Church Decoration for Sale CHS-826

Marble Life-Size Jesus Statue Church Decoration for Sale CHS-826

This life-size Jesus statue is the latest sculpture designed by the Trevi factory. Many customers said they liked it very much and bought this sculpture. If you also need more latest sculptures, please contact us.
Item Number: CHS-826
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Size: 180cm(71”) or customized size

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Life-Size Jesus Statue Details:

This life-size Jesus statue depicts the scene of Jesus hugging the people with open arms. Jesus’ expression is very solemn, and his body is wrapped in a long robe. All this is so sacred. Put this sculpture into your park, and your garden would become very sacred.

jesus statue

Excellent Artist:

The artists at the Trevi factory are very professional. They learned to carve marble figures sculptures from an early age. There is no doubt that they are very proficient in every look and detail of the carving elements. Moreover, our artist is a devout Catholic, and he incorporated the reverence for Jesus into the life-size Jesus statue.

Life-size jesus statues

Professional Factory:

Trevi factory has been engaged in Catholic sculpture for 40 years. Our marble sculptures are sold all over the world. Trevi factory customers are very satisfied with our service. Some customers come to China especially to visit our factory. The Australian father sends us greeting cards every year, thanking us for carving him such a beautiful Jesus sculpture.

Life-Size Jesus Statue Church

More Catholic Sculptures:

Trevi factory has very professional designers. They study Catholic culture wholeheartedly. Created a series of Catholic marble sculptures. We not only have a life-size Jesus statue but also have many other figure sculptures, such as St. Francis, St. Paul, and St. Michael. We also have various religious products, such as altars, pulpits, reliefs, etc.

Life-size jesus statue for sale

Customized Accepted:

Obviously, the requirements and needs of each customer are different. We accept customization, and our designers would draw clear drawings and high-end 3D drawings according to customer requirements. It is helpful for customers to clearly see the appearance of their life-size Jesus statues. Moreover, our artists could completely restore the customized sculptures.

Life-size jesus statue

It is a very happy thing to have sculptures that you like and are satisfied with. You could contact our staff. Discuss the details and requirements of the sculpture in detail.