Marble Pulpit for the Church Decor for Sale CHS-319

Marble Pulpit for the Church Decor for Sale CHS-319

This simple and elegant marble pulpit was specially carved for our French clients. Do you need such a pulpit badly? Please contact Trevi factory.
Item Number: CHS-319
Keywords: Church pulpit furniture
Church lecterns and pulpits
The pulpit stands for church
Catholic outdoor statue for sale
Size: 110cmWidth&150Height or customized size
Material: Natural marble, hand-carved, polished

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Marble Pulpit Details:

Trevi factory marble pulpit is tailor-made for father. Obviously, this pulpit is like our teacher’s desk. When our father teaches us the gospel, we could see the expression and movement of the father. Trevi pulpit is carved out of high-quality marble. We guarantee the quality and beauty of the pulpit.

church pulpit

The Function of the Pulpit:

We all know that a pulpit is a place of preaching to the congregation, which is introduced to the Western church around the 14th century. Because it is the focus of sermons, it is often carved with the portraits of the four gospel writers or Latin Saints. Therefore, the Trevi factory marble pulpit is usually placed on the side of the altar, the top of the pulpit can put a Bible. In order to place the microphone, Trevi would also according to the needs of customers for drilling.

white marble pulpit

Why Choose Trevi?

First of all, the artists in the Trevi factory are very professional, they have been engaged in religious statues for 39 years. Our great artist, Master Yuan, was a Catholic, and his team dedicated their love of Catholics to this marble pulpit.

marble pulpit

Secondly, we have a large quantity of high-quality marble in our factory. Trevi factory is the most famous sculpture factory in this area. Trevi factory collects marbles directly from the marble mines. Therefore, the Trevi factory marble material source is very stable and the quality is very high.

marble religious church pulpit

Supply Various Catholic Statues:

Trevi factory has many religious sculptures. Generally speaking, we have a lot of designers in the Trevi factory. As a matter of fact, Trevi factory designers could design more religious figures. Trevi factory design is in line with the modern aesthetic, which combines classic elegance with modern fashion. We have all kinds of the Virgin and the Saint statues. For example, the Trevi factory has Our Lady of Fatima marble statues, Our Lady of Guadalupe marble statues, Our Lady of Grace marble statues, Saint Anthony marble statues, and so on.

Natural White Marble Pulpit

Customers Feedback :

Our client is a devout Catholic. The local church is being renovated. So he donated the decent white marble pulpit to the local church. In the end, he was worshipped and praised by the local people. He sent us an e-mail specifically to tell us how happy he was and to thank Trevi for designing this beautiful pulpit.

natural marble religious church pulpit

If you need this pure white pulpit, please contact us, let us have the opportunity to cooperate, Trevi factory believes we would maintain a long-term friendship.