White Marble Altar Table Catholic Church Decor for Sale CHS-808

White Marble Altar Table Catholic Church Decor for Sale CHS-808

There are fixed altars and movable altars: traditional altars should be made of natural marble. Then Trevi altar table is carved from pure natural marble. If you need this sacred altar, please contact us immediately.
Item No: CHS-808
Size: Customized Size
Material: Natural Marble Stone

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Altar Table Description:

Trevi’s altar table is very beautiful and sacred. First of all, we use natural marble raw materials, and secondly, we carve a whole piece of marble, and there is no splicing phenomenon. Please take a closer look at these beautiful natural marble natural veins. They blend with the altar and look so beautiful. In particular, these deeply carved ornaments are all three-dimensional, and these roses seem to be real. Even more distinctive is that we customized the cross for the priest according to his needs. And above the cross, Trevi artist carved a sacred heart. The details of this altar are intriguing, and the whole is magnificent.

altar at church

What is the Altar in a Church?

The altar is also called the altar table. Located in the center of the sanctuary, it is the center of the whole thanksgiving ceremony. And during the sacrifice, a white altar cloth was spread on the altar. In addition, there are the Missal Book and the Holy Lord, and at least two symmetrical candles are lit. The altar is also the dining table for sharing the holy feast. Therefore, the most indispensable thing in every church is the altar.

catholic church altar

How to Clean a Marble Altar?

First of all, the natural marble altar is very easy to clean. Under normal circumstances, if there is dust on the altar, wipe it with a clean cotton cloth. Secondly, if there is something that is difficult to remove, it is easy to remove it by washing it with clean water. Remember, never use chemicals to clean the altar, because chemicals would destroy the natural lines and structure of the altar.

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More Types of Marble Altar:

Trevi’s artist is a devout Catholic, and he has been working hard to sculpt Catholic sculptures all his life. Therefore, we have many types of marble altars. Of course, our artists also accept customization, and you could choose any Catholic symbolic item for decoration. Our artists could meet your needs.

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