White Marble Jesus With Children Garden Statue for Sale

White Marble Jesus With Children Garden Statue for Sale

This white marble Jesus with Children garden statue is purely hand-carved by Trevi’s experienced artists. Our artists use superb carving skills to present faithfully Jesus’s kind appearance and the reverent expressions of the children. If you want to have this statue, come to and contact us.
Item No: TRJS-01
Size: Life Size or Customized Size
Material: Natural White Marble
Insurance: Cover All Risks
Package: Strong Wooden Crate

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Jesus With Children Garden Statue Description

This Jesus with Children garden statue is made of natural white marble. In this statue, Jesus is holding a child, who is leaning on Jesus. One of the other two children is holding a book and listening to Jesus while the other is holding a flower bouquet to give to Jesus. These details all show the believers’ loyal faith in Jesus.

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Delicate Hand Carve Details

This statue is purely hand-carved by our artists. You can see the exquisiteness of every detail of our Jesus with Children statue. The carves of their hair and the folds of their clothes are all clearly presented and incredibly lifelike. There is a moment that like the real Jesus shows himself and teaches children.

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Bring Jesus’s Holy Face To More Believers

This Jesus with Children statue is a very classic church statue. The scene of Jesus holding children can completely showcase Jesus’s kindness and closeness with believers. These three children are like the believers who worship Jesus. Placing this statue in the church can increase the interaction between Jesus and believers and solidify the believers’ faith in Jesus.


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Why Choose Trevi?

We have more than 30 years in carving marble church statues. Our artists have carved lots of religious figure statues. We have many exquisite statues like Jesus statues, Virgin Mary statues, and so on. Our statues have been placed in many churches around the world. You can fully trust our statue quality.

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If you are looking for some exquisite religious statues, come to Trevi and contact us through our website. Our sales can help you find the most statue you want.