White Marble Sacred Heart of Jesus with Crown Statue for Sale CHS-873

White Marble Sacred Heart of Jesus with Crown Statue for Sale CHS-873

If you are looking for a unique design of the sacred heart of Jesus statue for sale, this Jesus made by Trevi factory would definitely hit your heart.
Item No: CHS-873
Size: customized size
Color: Any available color
Techniques: hand-carving & polishing
Finished Time: 45 days
Packaging: Standard Export Package

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About This Marble Jesus Statue:

This is a life-size sacred heart of Jesus statue for sale. We could see Jesus wearing a crown decorated with a cross. He stretched out his hands, and the Sacred Heart on his chest was particularly conspicuous. We all know that the heart of Jesus is seen as “God’s infinite and passionate love for mankind”. The superb carving skills make every subtle facial expression and every movement of Jesus perfectly displayed in front of people’s eyes. This marble Jesus statue is perfect for a church, school, or home.


sacred heart of Jesus statue for sale-Trevi Sculpture


High-Quality Raw Materials:

The material used to make this sacred heart of Jesus statue for sale is A-grade natural marble. Natural marble has incomparable advantages over artificial marble. Some natural marbles also have beautiful veins. Statues made of natural marble not only have a long service life, but their surfaces are also very smooth and delicate. Therefore, this life-size Jesus statue has good quality assurance.


material of life size Jesus statue-Trevi Sculpture


Other Types of Jesus Statues:

There are various types of Jesus statues in the Trevi factory. We have not only marble statues of the crucifixion scene, but also statues of Jesus with the image of the shepherds, and of the Holy Infant Jesus with the Virgin Mary. In our customization service, the material, size, color, style, etc. of the Jesus statue could be customized according to your needs and preferences.


marble Jesus statue-Trevi Sculpture


Safe Shipping:

Our Jesus statues are usually transported by truck to a nearby port and then shipped abroad by sea. Our shipping method is very safe. And, we also fully insure each statue. So, you don’t have to worry about the shipping of the sacred heart of Jesus statue for sale. We would ensure that it arrives at your home as safely as possible.


shipping of marble Jesus statues-Trevi Sculpture


Trevi would also give you a factory price. So, if you want to buy marble religious statues, please contact us quickly.