Beautiful Marble Altar Table Church Decor for Sale CHS-855

Beautiful Marble Altar Table Church Decor for Sale CHS-855

The beautiful marble altar for sale not only has good practical value but also can play a very good decorative role. Trevi has many similar high-quality and delicate marble altars. If you want to buy one, please contact us for more information.
Item Number: CHS-855
Material: Natural marble, hand-carved, polished
Produce Time:7-35 days
Delivery time: 15-35 days
Packing: Wooden crate

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Marble Altar Introduction:

This product for sale is a marble altar. An altar stone is a natural stone that contains relics in a cavity and is intended to serve as an important part of the Roman Catholic Church’s altar to celebrate Mass. It needs to be ordained by a bishop with the same ritual. Trevi made this catholic church altar with A-grade natural marble. This kind of marble has high density and natural veins. Altars made of it could not only have a long service life but also look more beautiful.


marble altar for sale-Trevi Sculpture


Delicate Carving Designs:

The first impression of this marble is exquisite. These all originate from the highly skilled sculptors of the Trevi factory. We could see two kneeling angels in front of this marble altar table. The hair and layered wings on their heads are very realistic. Everyone who sees the actual altar would marvel at this remarkable carving. Such a fine marble altar is sure to be the center of attention in your church.


delicate carving of catholic church altar-Trevi Sculpture


Other Altar Designs:

As a factory with decades of experience in sculpture making, we have a wide variety of catholic church altar designs. For example, our pure white marble altar, beige marble altar, double color marble altar, simple style marble altar, luxurious marble altar, and so on. Of course, customers could also customize marble altars from us. The size, material, style, etc. of the altar could be customized.


more types of catholic church altar designs-Trevi Sculpture


Safe Shipping:

Our sculptures could be shipped by sea, air, land, etc. No matter which way of transportation is used, it is very safe. And we provide full insurance service so you don’t have to worry about all kinds of risks in the shipping process. Moreover, Trevi would recommend the most suitable shipping method for you according to customer needs and product characteristics.


shipping of marble altar table-Trevi Sculpture


Trevi provides customers with quality products, attentive service, and lower prices. If you want to buy a marble altar, please contact us quickly.