Blessed White Marble Mother Mary Statue Factory Supply CHS-837

Blessed White Marble Mother Mary Statue Factory Supply CHS-837

This is a beautiful and amiable blessed mother mary statue, which is sculpted from pure white natural marble. The surface of the statue is very carefully finished, showing the unique beauty of the virgin mary.
Item No: CHS-837
Material: Natural Marble
Produce Time:7-35 days
Delivery time: 15-35 days
Advantage: Factory Direct
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks
Package: Strong Wooden Case

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Introduction of Mother Mary Sculpture:

Our Lady of the Virgin Mary receives and guards the Word and brings it to the world and to the hearts of those who help those who long for Catholics, so that the Word may germinate and grow.” Therefore, as Virgin Mary is the female figure of holiness and beauty in Catholicism, we carved it in natural high-quality white marble. It is carved by Trevi’s excellent artists to emphasize the beauty and sacredness of the blessed mother Mary statue.

blessed virgin mary statue for outdoor-Trevi Sculpture

Devout Marble Carving Artist:

Trevi has its own marble sculpting experts, all of whom started carving at a very young age. Therefore they are at the top of their game in terms of both sensitivity to detail in carving figures and professionalism in carving techniques. Most importantly, for this type of religious sculpture, we have a specific few artists to carve. Not only because they know the characteristics of religious figures very well, but also because they are devout Catholics. This is one of the reasons why our Virgin Mary sculpture and various religious sculptures are so realistic.

blessed marble mother mary statue-Trevi Sculpture

Accept Customization:

Considering that different people have different requirements for sculptures and different places where sculptures are placed, we support customization for each type of sculpture. The color and size of our sculptures could be customized according to customers’ needs. And if you have your own design and want to add it to the sculpture, our designers could also make 3D drawings to help you preview the effect. Therefore, you could inform our customer service in advance if you have such ideas.

catholic white marble mother mary sculpture-Trevi Sculpture

Strong Package Protects Your Sculpture:

When your mother mary statue outdoor sculpture is finished, we would pack it sturdily. But before that, we would first take pictures for you to confirm. Due to the long distance of transportation, we protect the sculpture by packing it very carefully both inside and outside. First, we would wrap the sculpture with soft cotton on the outside so that the surface of the marble sculpture would not be cut. Then we put it into a thick wooden box.

white marble mother mary sculpture-Trevi Sculpture

If you are looking for a blessed mother Mary statue and marble religious statues, Trevi would be a good choice.