Catholic Marble Crucified Jesus Statue for Church Wholesale CHS-896

Catholic Marble Crucified Jesus Statue for Church Wholesale CHS-896

This white marble Jesus statue is purely hand-carved by our top artists who are specialized in carving religious figure statues. High-grade natural white marble makes a holy and long-lasting Jesus statue. If you are looking for a Jesus statue, Trevi would offer you a high-quality Jesus statue.
Item Number: CHS-896
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Giant Jesus statue
Size: 180cm(71”) or customized size

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Marble Jesus Sculpture Show:

The marble Jesus sculpture, which shows the crucified Jesus is a very classic design of the catholic statue. Both the cross and the Jesus sculpture are carved from carefully selected pure natural white marble. All the details are displayed incisively and vividly on the sculpture by our experienced and skilled artists. So the marble Jesus statue looks very solemn and realistic which is a perfect gift for the devout. What’s more, this delicate and holy life-size white sculpture of Jesus would be perfect for both homes and churches.

jesus on the cross statue-Trevi-Sculpture

Extraordinary Marble Carving Skills:

Carving on marble is not a very easy task, it requires the artist to observe the characteristics of the characters very patiently and accurately restore the details to the sculpture. And our artists give a block of marble a beautiful Jesus statue through their proficient carving skills. They know how to control their carving strength and skills to make the sculpture vivid and natural.

Moreover, the sculptor of Trevi with more than 30 years of professional experience is  specialized in the production of exact copies of religious and classical sculptures as well as special designs and architecture.

beautiful-white-marble-standing-jesus-statue-with-arms-wide-open-sculpture-Trevi Sculpture

More Marble Jesus Options:

There is a wide range of religious marble Jesus statues open to you. We have lots of popular catholic Jesus sculptures including the crucified Jesus statue, the sacred heart of Jesus statue, Jesus holding a sheep sculpture and etc. Each sculpture is hand-carved and could be customized according to customers’ needs.

marble Jesus statues for sale-Trevi-Sculpture

Advantages of Trevi Catholic Jesus Statue:

First, Trevi is a direct religious marble sculpture foundry that could provide a competitive price for you. Then, we have high requirements for the sculptures’ quality. And our QC team has monitored quality along the carving process. And We would also send progress photos of the sculpture as it progresses. More importantly, we support customization. We have professional design teams that help you make drawings. Therefore, marble statues of different sizes, designs, and colors are available at Trevi.

The sacred heart of Jesus statue-Trevi Sculpture

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