Catholic White Marble Altar Table Church Decor for Sale CHS-901

Catholic White Marble Altar Table Church Decor for Sale CHS-901

This altar table carved from pure natural marble is beautifully designed and creative. Its overall white design adds a touch of solemnity and purity. Friends who want to buy a marble altar table may not miss it.
Item Number: CHS-901
Material: Natural marble, hand-carved, polished
Produce Time:7-35 days
Delivery time: 15-35 days
Packing: Wooden crate

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Details of The Altar Table:

This is a marble altar table carved by the fine artists of Trevi. Its shape is a boxy square. The tabletop is smooth. And right in front of it we have carefully sculpted details. It is surrounded by cylindrical columns with delicate little design elements. An altar table with such decorative elements would bring a different feel to your church.

Catholic marble altar--Trevi sculpture

Experienced Artists:

When we choose sculptors, we would choose the corresponding professional sculptor according to the specific sculpture. For this marble altar, for example, the artist we chose is very familiar with altars. He himself is a religious believer, so he would have a more respectful attitude when carving. We treat each altar with great care. Every marble sculpture produced by us has a quality guarantee.

More Altar Displays:

As a professional marble catholic sculpture supplier, we produce and carve a wide variety of altar tables in different colors and sizes. In terms of colors, we have pure white altars, beige altar tables, red jasper altar tables and more. As for style, we design square altars, rectangular altars and altars with hollow designs. Each style of altar is the product of the artist’s careful carving. Hope customers like it too.

We have professional packaging and shipping methods to ensure that the altar is safely delivered to the customer.

If you want this marble altar table, you could leave us a message or call us directly. We are always at your service.