Famous St. Michael White Marble Sculpture Outdoor Decor for Sale CHS-743

Famous St. Michael White Marble Sculpture Outdoor Decor for Sale CHS-743

This famous St. Michael sculpture for sale is quite lifelike and beautiful. We made it with A-grade natural white marble and it was purely hand-carved by top sculptors in Trevi. If you are fond of this marble sculpture, please feel free to contact us.
Item No: CHS-743
Size: Life Size or Customized
Quality: 100% Quality Insurance
Package: Strong Wooden Crate

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Product Details:

This famous sculpture is about St. Michael and the devil. We could see Saint Michael holding a long sword and stepping on the soles of his feet to subdue the demon Satan. Saint Michael represents justice, he keeps fighting the demon Satan and protects people. The pure white natural marble gives people a pure and noble feeling, which is very in line with the character of St. Michael. Moreover, natural marble has high density and wear resistance, which could make the sculpture have a long service life.




Superb Carving Skills:

This marble statue of St. Michael and the devil was hand-carved by top carving masters in the Trevi factory. They have learned carving techniques since childhood and have rich experience in carving. Therefore, the statues born from them are all lifelike. For example, we could clearly see the facial expressions of St. Michael and the devil Satan from the St. Michael marble statue, the distinct wings on the back of St. Michael, and the exquisite clothes of St. Michael.


carving of St. Michael marble statue-Trevi sculpture

3carving of St. Michael marble statue-Trevi sculpture


More Choices for You:

In addition to the marble St. Michael sculpture shown above, Trevi also has other types of marble St. Michael sculptures. For example, St. Michael holding a long sword and shield, St. Michael who subdues the serpent, St. Michael who looks up at the sky, etc. These St. Michael marble statues all show us the heroic and resolute image of St. Michael. Of course, our customers could also customize their marble Saint Michael sculptures in the size, color, and style they want. Our designers would try their best to meet the various needs of customers.


other types of St. Michael sculpture-Trevi sculpture


Why Choose Trevi?

1. Trevi has a mature sculpture production system. Decades of experience in sculpture making allow us to provide our customers with high-quality and extremely realistic sculptures.

2. We could offer customers a relatively cheap price. The integrated service of our factory makes no middleman earn the difference in the whole process.

3. We would purchase full insurance for each product. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any risks during transportation.


making place of statue of St. Michael and the devil-Trevi Factory


Trevi would be your best choice if you would like to buy marble sculptures. Therefore, please contact us and place your orders as soon as possible.