Life-Size Marble Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue for Sale  CHS-821

Life-Size Marble Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue for Sale  CHS-821

Trevi factory has been engaged in Catholic Virgin sculpture for 39 years. In addition, Trevi’s chief artist is a devout Catholic. You want a beautiful Lady of Guadalupe statue. You could contact us at any time.
Item Number: CHS-821
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Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue Details:

Our Lady of Guadalupe statue of Trevi factory uses pure natural marble. Obviously, this life-size Lady of Guadalupe statue puts hands together. You could see the thick, holy, and kind face of our Lady of Guadalupe. Her robe stretches from the head to the soles of the feet. In addition, the golden light gleams behind our Lady of Guadalupe, so sacred. Please take a closer look, there is a cute little angel holding the robe of our Lady of Guadalupe on the bottom of her feet. They seem to have come to the world together, sending blessings to people.

outdoor our lady of Guadalupe statue

The Impact of Our Lady of Guadalupe:

We all know that our Lady of Guadalupe could be said to be one of the pillars of the faith of the Mexicoulds today. Less than 7 years after the emergence of our Lady of Guadalupe in 1531, more than 8 million Indians converted to Catholicism. The world’s first portrait of our Lady of Guadalupe is in the Mexicould lobby. The icon was there for people to admire, and the whole city was shaken, and there was an endless stream of worshipers.

our lady of Guadalupe statue outdoor

Exquisite Clay Model:

Trevi factory is located in Quyang, Hebei, the famous sculpture town. We have a very large site and we also have a lot of clay model rooms. In addition, there are various clay models in the model room. Trevi factory has the most professional clay sculpture top-masters. They are real artists and specialize in clay sculptures of our Lady of Guadalupe. Our clay models could be modified many times according to customer requirements. Undoubtedly, we take customer satisfaction as our highest pursuit. Fully satisfy the customer’s aesthetic experience of sculpture.

Life-Size Marble Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue

Excellent Artist:

Trevi factory has very good artists. They have been deeply influenced by Catholicism since their childhood. Even more, they have deep feelings for our Lady of Guadalupe. They are inspiring to devote their life’s hard work to sculptures. Therefore, our artists always insist on hand-carving.

large our lady of Guadalupe statue

Application Places:

Our Lady of Guadalupe statue in the Trevi factory could be placed anywhere.

Marble Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue

Outdoors: Many people choose a wide area for our Lady of Guadalupe, such as the grass in the park, the hills of the grassland, the lawn of the farmer, and the mountains in the distance.

Indoors: Some Catholics invite our Lady of Guadalupe to the hall of their villa. Some people choose to put it in a nearby church.

our lady of Guadalupe statue for sale

All employees of the Trevi factory strive to provide every customer with the best quality service. Trevi factory artists are very down-to-earth and have won praise from many customers. You could contact us at any time, and you would definitely get your most satisfactory sculpture.