Life Size Marble Sacred Heart of Jesus Garden Statue Factory Supply CHS-870

Life Size Marble Sacred Heart of Jesus Garden Statue Factory Supply CHS-870

If you want to buy a sacred heart of Jesus garden statue to put in a church, school, community, or your own garden, please don’t miss this very cost-effective Jesus statue made by the Trevi factory.
Item No: CHS-870
Size: customized size
Color: Any available color
Techniques: hand-carving & polishing
Finished Time: 45 days
Packaging: Standard Export Package

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Marble Jesus Statue Introduction:

This sacred heart of Jesus garden statue was hand-carved by carving artists at the Trevi factory. They took care of every detail when sculpting, bringing out every feature of Jesus perfectly. Whether its clearly visible facial expressions or every fold on the clothes is so natural, it makes people feel the incomparable kindness of Jesus. This marble Jesus statue is perfect for schools, churches, communities, home gardens, etc.


sacred heart of Jesus garden statue-Trevi Sculpture


Use Natural Marble:

This sacred heart of Jesus garden statue by Trevi is made of natural marble. Natural marble is dense but not very hard and is easy to process, carve, sand, polish, etc. After the marble is polished, it is smooth and delicate. The veins are natural and smooth and have a high decorative effect. Therefore, the marble Jesus statue made of it has a good external effect, and it could also have a long service life. Please believe that our statues have a very high-quality guarantee.


materials for marble Jesus statue-Trevi Sculpture


Accept Customized Services:

In order to meet the diverse needs of different customers, we would provide you with a variety of customized services for marble religious statues. And we have worked with a lot of custom clients who are very satisfied with our final product. For example, if you want to add a crown on Jesus’ head, add a halo to the back of the Virgin, or add some ornaments to Jesus’ clothes, our designers could satisfy you. Of course, the size of the statue could also be determined according to your needs.


marble Jesus statue-Trevi Sculpture


Strong Packaging:

Trevi pays special attention to the packaging of the products. We would pack the Jesus statue in wooden crates up to 3cm thick, and wrap the surface of the statue with thick soft foams. Tight packaging could ensure that your marble statue arrives at your home intact to the greatest extent possible. Don’t worry if the goods are damaged in transit, our full insurance service could protect your interests from damage.


packing of marble religious statues-Trevi Sculpture


Trevi welcomes people from all over the world who love statues and who want to buy statues to contact us for more details. So, if you are interested in this sacred heart of Jesus garden statue, please contact us for more information.