Lifelike Jesus White Marble Garden Statue Outdoor Decor for Sale CHS-819

Lifelike Jesus White Marble Garden Statue Outdoor Decor for Sale CHS-819

This lifelike shepherd Jesus holding a lamb garden statue is very popular with customers in Trevi. The excellent carving and high quality make it a quite suitable outdoor decoration. If you also want one placed in your garden, please contact us now.
Item Number: CHS-819
Size: 180cm or customized size
Material: Natural marble
Packing: Wooden crate

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Details of This Statue:

This marble garden statue portrays a great Jesus holding a lamb. He holds a lamb in his left hand and there is also a little sheep in his right. In fact, these lambs represent believers who follow Jesus. They are always around Jesus, listening to him preaching and preaching the Gospel. We made this Jesus statue with A-grade natural marble, which has strong wear resistance. Then a long service life would be guaranteed.


Jesus garden statue-Trevi Sculpture.


Exquisite Carving:

We could clearly see the expression on Jesus’ face and the clearly visible layers of wool on the lamb’s body from this sculpture. These are all derived from the superb carving skills of our sculptors. They have high technical requirements for carving and could treat each work with rigor. Therefore, the sculptures born from them are very realistic images. People who have seen their sculptures would be amazed at their carving skills.


carving of white marble Jesus statue-Trevi Sculpture


More Types for You:

In addition to the shepherd Jesus sculptures above, we have many other types of statues of Jesus for sale. Examples are the sculpture of the crucifixion, the sculpture of Jesus with outstretched hands, the sculpture of the Holy Infant Jesus and the Virgin Mary together, etc. Of course, we also provide customized services to customers. Customers could express some ideas about the design with our designers.


statues of Jesus for sale -Trevi Sculpture


Introduction of Trevi:

Trevi has been making marble religious sculptures for 39 years. We have a mature sculpture production system. Our master carvers not only have extraordinary carving skills, but they are also devout Catholics. Therefore, they have a very deep understanding of religious figures and cultures. Our sculptures are made of natural marble stone with good quality assurance. So, customers could buy our marble sculptures with confidence.


Introduction of Trevi Factory


Trevi has high-quality white marble Jesus statues, skillful craftsmen, thoughtful services, and full insurance. If you are interested in these sculptures, please contact us right now.