Marble Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue Church Decor for Sale CHS-794

Marble Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue Church Decor for Sale CHS-794

Each of us’s beliefs and worldviews is inevitably affected by our environment and life experience. The power of faith is endless. Trevi factory Our Lady of Guadalupe statue is the most sincere gift from believers. You could contact us for more details.
Item Number: CHS-794
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Packing: Wooden crate

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Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue Details:

Trevi factory Our Lady of Guadalupe statue puts hands together. There is a dazzling light behind her, which makes us cherish hope. She shoulders the mission of redeeming mankind and bringing happiness to mankind. Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue has smiled in her eyes and is the most loving mother of people.

Our Lady of Guadalupe outdoor

The Influence of Hawking’s Faith:

As a prominent mathematician, many people compare Hawking with God. It is difficult to separate Hawking’s beliefs from his life experience. As a devout Catholic, his wife Jane has taken care of Hawking with love for nearly 30 years. However, Hawking was defiant and abandoned his wife who gave everything for him. Jane’s saddest thing is the arrogance of Hawking’s atheist. In the eyes of the world, Hawking is a bit like a god. But he is not God. Hawking has no respect for Jane’s beliefs and opinions. The fundamental gap between Jane and Hawking lies in faith. In Stephen Hawking’s theory, there is no place for God. He does not allow any idea of the creator to intervene in his scientific calculations. Whenever it mentions religion and belief, he just grinned.

Our Lady of Guadalupe statue

We all know that Hawking has the advantages of a background environment, a virtuous wife, natural talents, and ample time to think about and thank God for his grace. However, Hawking did not believe in the existence of Jesus with an arrogant attitude and ended up losing his beloved wife, which is a pity.

outdoor Our Lady of Guadalupe statue

Beautifully Carved:

Trevi factory has the most professional artists, they are devout Catholics. Our artist, with a grateful heart, carved the Our Lady of Guadalupe statue. Moreover, they have been engaged in the marble carving industry for 30 years and are the most prestigious senior artists. Therefore, they are proficient in the key points of character carving. In fact, they would more accurately express the profound meaning of Catholicism.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

39 Years Experience:

Trevi factory is located in Quyang, a famous carving town, which has 3000 years of carving culture history. Our factory is a marble sculpture supplier with 39 years of experience, and our sculptures are sold all over the world. In addition, we visit our customers every year and have maintained a close and cooperative relationship with them for decades. Furthermore, we would also participate in outdoor sculpture exhibitions around the world, and our sculptures would be presented to the local Red Cross. To express the gratitude of our factory, and we send gifts back to our customers every year.

Our Lady of Guadalupe statues

Safe Packaging:

Trevi factory attaches great importance to the packaging of Our Lady of Guadalupe statues. As a factory with rich experience in foreign trade, we know that the journey is far away, so our packaging is very safe. Our factory has dedicated packaging masters and they are very professional.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue Church

First, we would wrap the sculpture with soft foam to ensure that every part of the sculpture is protected. Next, we would use a 3mm thick wooden crate to enclose the sculpture. Our crates are very suitable and strong. Accordingly, we guarantee that there would be no problems and safety accidents in the sculpture.

Our Lady of Guadalupe for sale

Trevi factory is your best choice. Please trust us, we would give you the most beautiful sculptures, you could contact us at any time. We sincerely look forward to hearing from you.