Modern Marble Catholic Church White Pulpit Decoration for Sale CHS-322

Modern Marble Catholic Church White Pulpit Decoration for Sale CHS-322

Do you want a modern and functional catholic church marble pulpit for the priest? Trevi has a marble pulpit that could meet many of your needs. If you are interested in our pulpit, please contact us for more information.
Item Number: CHS-322
Keywords: Church pulpit furniture
Church lecterns and pulpits
The pulpit stands for church
Catholic outdoor statue for sale
Size: 110cmWidth&150Height or customized size
Material: Natural marble, hand-carved, polished

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Marble Pulpit Introduction:

This beautiful Catholic church marble pulpit for sale is made by Trevi. It is a very designed and modern marble pulpit. The carving of the cross in front of the pulpit symbolizes Jesus. The beautiful openwork design on the pulpit is a major feature of its design. Such a beautiful, low-key, and luxurious pulpit could not only provide a convenient place for priests to preach, but also play a good decorative role in the church.


catholic church pulpit introduction -Trevi sculpture.


Natural Marble Material:

Our marble pulpit is made of high-quality natural marble stone. The surface of natural marble is very clean and delicate after polishing, and it looks very beautiful. And natural marble is very hard and has good wear resistance, which could make the sculptures made of it have a long service life.


natural marble materials of church pulpit designs-Trevi sculpture


Multi-Faceted Detail Display:

We could see from the front, back, and sides of the pulpit that the details of each part of the pulpit are well carved. The carvings on the pulpit are very figurative, giving us a good surface effect. All of this comes from the experienced and highly skilled craftsmen in our factory. Their carving skills have been highly praised by many customers from all over the world.


details of church pulpit designs-Trevi sculpture


Customization Services:

We support custom church pulpit designs. Because we could only better satisfy the user experience by making the pulpit according to the height of the priest. Moreover, the carving design on the pulpit could be carved according to the customer’s needs to better suit the customer’s preference. In addition, our marble materials also have different pigments for you to choose from. You could choose pure white, beige, coloring-matching, etc.


other types of catholic church pulpit-Trevi sculpture


Trevi has many modern church pulpit designs for you to choose from. Please believe that Trevi would never let you down.