Life Size Marble Ascension of Jesus Statue Factory Supplier CHS-812

Life Size Marble Ascension of Jesus Statue Factory Supplier CHS-812

Trevi’s marble Ascension of Jesus statue is made of pure natural marble. It has an extra-long lifespan and refined exterior details. Whether it is placed in the church or at home, it is a very good choice.
Item No: CHS-812
Size: customized size
Color: Any available color
Techniques: hand-carving & polishing
Finished Time: 45 days
Packaging: Standard Export Package

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This is a marble Ascension of Jesus statue made by excellent sculptors at Trevi. Its vivid expression and natural comfortable body language show that this is a very delicate marble Jesus sculpture. Jesus opened his hands in a gesture of ascending to heaven. Carved by our artists, the majestic temperament and charm of Jesus are vividly presented on the marble statue.



Pure Natural Marble Raw Materials:

At any time, we are willing to believe that the gift of nature is a valuable asset to be cherished. The Ascension of  Jesus sculpture we sculpt is made of purely natural marble. It is formed under the ground for thousands of years. And it has great quality and a touchy feeling. The statues made with it are vivid and lifelike and could be collected for a hundred years without damage.



Price of Jesus Sculpture:

We are factory direct selling Jesus sculptures at the most reasonable price. Every customer who wants to buy a product would care about the price of the product. This is beyond doubt. After all, everyone wants to buy the best sculpture products at the right price. In fact, these requirements Trevi could fully meet these. And, it’s our event promotion period, and you’ll get additional discounts when you buy sculptures during this period. So, if you are emotionally interested in this Ascension Jesus statue, then you could consult us for more information.



Focus on Quality:

Great brands focus on only one thing. Trevi does indeed apply this statement to practice. We specialize in marble religious sculpture for almost 40 years. The only constant is our passion for sculpture and our commitment to quality. In the entire production process, we would strictly control to ensure that every link is accurate. Therefore, our quality is guaranteed.



I believe you choose us, you would not regret it. Welcome to leave us a message to get high-quality marble Ascension of Jesus sculpture. We could provide you any size.