Outdoor Marble Blessed Virgin Mary Statue Manufacturer CHS-881

Outdoor Marble Blessed Virgin Mary Statue Manufacturer CHS-881

This is a beautiful Catholic blessed Virgin Mary statue that is carved from natural white marble. If you are looking for an outdoor decoration of a white Virgin Mary statue, this is the ideal one that could make your venue extraordinary.
Item No: CHS-881
Material: Natural Marble
Produce Time:7-35 days
Delivery time: 15-35 days
Advantage: Factory Direct
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover all the risks
Package: Strong Wooden Case

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White Virgin Mary Statue Detail:

This is a beautiful white marble blessed Virgin Mary statue and it is an ideal outdoor decoration. Look carefully at this sculpture, its face is carved very delicately and realistically. Through its front, we can feel the calm and charm of the Virgin Mary. The silence of Our Lady is the most expressive language, as She opens Her hands to receive every believer from all over the world. This sculpture makes the places it put a sacred site.

religious outdoor blessed virgin mary sculpture-Trevi Sculpture

High-quality Marble As Raw Material:

We chose high-quality natural white marble as raw material to carve such a sacred white virgin Mary statue. The marble material we choose is easy to process, carve and polish, so our white virgin Mary statue for the outdoor garden display is very delicate. And natural white marble has beautiful and featured marble veins that make every marble sculpture a distinctive one.

religious outdoor blessed virgin mary sculpture-Trevi Sculpture1

Trevi Skilled Carving Artists:

Trevi has professional artists who have been engaged in marble carving for decades. They are able to carve figures not only to achieve physical resemblance but also to achieve the resemblance of their thoughts and feelings conveyed by different figures. They have a very keen ability to observe and analyze the details of the figure carving. They prepare very carefully before carving and then use extraordinary carving skills to restore the details in the sculpture from deep to light.

outdoor blessed virgin mary statue-Trevi Sculpture1

white marble virgin mary statue-Trevi Sculpture

Solid and Safe Package:

Trevi uses wooden crates for packing. We choose the suitable wooden create according to the size of the sculpture. The thickness of the wooden crates we use is 3cm, which is twice as thick as normal. So our package is solid enough to bear the weight of our sculpture. Moreover, we put a lot of soft foam inside the crate to avoid scratching the sculpture. Therefore, we did really detailed package to protect our outdoor blessed Virgin Mary Statue.

virgin mary for outdoor garden decor-Trevi Sculpture

If you are looking for a delicate Virgin Mary statue for outdoor decoration, Trevi is the right choice that could offer it.